Embarking on the exhilarating journey of Taekwondo at the tender age of 5, my passion for martial arts was ignited. Through numerous competitions, I got first place in national contests for several years. Now proudly adorned with the prestigious 5th-degree Taekwondo black belt, my journey has become a saga of expertise, resilience, and unwavering dedication. With two exhilarating decades immersed in the world of Taekwondo coaching, I've had the privilege of shaping the next generation of practitioners. Additionally, for the past five years, I've assumed the role of both a distinguished Poomsae and BC Kyorugi referee, contributing to the intensity and fairness of competitions. I started loving martial arts at 5 and now, as a black belt holder, coach, and referee, my life revolves around it. Reflecting on my journey, I'm eager for future adventure expecting an exciting kicks and wins.


In my early years, the pursuit of mental strength and patience guided me to the world of Taekwondo. Starting this journey at 10, I've dedicated 35 years to refining kicks and punches, a daily quest for strength. Along this path, I've not only taken part in numerous competitions but also attained the roles of an International referee and global Taekwondo coach. Fueled by an enduring passion, this journey promises more adventures and triumphs in the expansive world of Taekwondo.


I infuse every class I teach, be it a Little Ninjas session or an adult class, with a dynamic blend of fun and discipline. My overarching goal is to empower students to reach the pinnacle of their potential. My journey has been adorned with accolades, having earned bronze at the World Championship in Burnaby, and gold and silver at the World Open Championship in Serbia and Turkey. Furthermore, I clinched a bronze at the Asian Championship in Taipei and secured over six gold medals at the National level. My competitive ventures extend to the Grand Slam in China in 2017 and the World Championship in Azerbaijan. Reflecting my philosophy is my favorite quote: "If you think you can or you can't, either way, you are right!"